Sunday, July 1, 2007

Moving from Ultimate Tag Warrior to Simple Tagging

For those who are still in trouble with Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW), since it breaks its compatibility with Wordpress 2.2, or otherwise if this Getz release is not backward compatible, you may try this great alternative plugin for tagging, i.e. Simple Tagging. It was formerly developed by Michael Woehrer based on Jerome Lavigne’s Keywords Plugin 2.0 Beta 3, only heavily extended.

Just go the latest Simple Tagging plugin developer Amaury Balmer (Administrator WordPress France). Or if you would like to have the Simple Tagging widget, you can go here or directly go to the author homepage. If you prefer the widget, you still have to download and activate the “Simple Tagging” plugin and the “Sidebar Widgets” plugin as well to make this widget work. Save for the sidebar widget, it is supported already since Wordpress 2.2.

Other good features available are Tags of the Current Post, Related Posts, Related Tags apart from the famous Tag Cloud. More Template Tags are also provided for you to explore.

The good news is Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) and Jerome’s Keywords can be imported into this not so simple tagging plugin. Just in case, as always, backup your database first!

Happy tagging!