Monday, July 2, 2007

Webware 100 awards winners for Publishing category

Blogger as a Google's simple and free blogging platform has received one of the “Webware 100” awards for the Publishing category by CNET Webware. It should certainly win as it may be widely considered the easiest and quickest way to keep in touch with adsense things, one of the problogging income resources. Some simply make it a stepping stone into other independent self-hosted blogging platforms. Other winners in this category include:

Adobe Flash

Adobe's Flash is a platform that developers use to create a number of interactive and rich online applications.


Boxxet lets its users create "fan pages" for people and things they are passionate about.

Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open-source content-management platform.


Feedburner lets site owners keep track of how many people are using and subscribing to their RSS feeds.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool for Web site owners or administrators to track traffic and usage trends.


WordPress is a popular blogging platform that has both a free, Web-hosted version, and one that runs on your server for a deeper level of customization. Users can design blogs without knowing any coding.

Hey, I wonder where the famous joomla is. Do you know?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Alternative WYISWYG editor for Wordpress 2.2 series

Today I upgraded my site to Wordpress 2.2.1 and everything worked great, except for tinymce editor. This visual rich text editor or commonly called WYSIWYG is totally missing. It is perhaps better said to be What You Don't See Is What You Get. Well, this is surely a modification of the TinyMCE JavaScript WYSIWG text editor. And the WP project team modified the standard distribution in ways that tend to break the linkage with independent TinyMCE developments, limit available functionality, and change the editor’s behavior, and finally mess up with this release unless I made some stupid mistakes in the upgrade process, of course.

I tried to find some answers to the problem. As this only happens in real production environtment. It was fine in development stage.

The first is this wordpress forum. A lot of suggestions and I was just too confused.

Still wondering around and look for other easy solutions, I go to Advanced Tinymce Editor to be prompted with the problem of the editor width itself. Everything is great here. It reminds me of the famous joomla WYSIWYG editor. Whatever you want to handle with editing, it is simply there. Yet, it's just too wide for me.

I tried another tinymce by, it is just exactly what I need. It has some added features:

  1. Color picker
  2. Background color
  3. Emoticons
  4. Dictionary
  5. Pagination shortcut icon

The HTML or Code window is a pop up, but it doesn't disturb your editing process. All is still in the main window.

Great job, mudbomb!

Moving from Ultimate Tag Warrior to Simple Tagging

For those who are still in trouble with Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW), since it breaks its compatibility with Wordpress 2.2, or otherwise if this Getz release is not backward compatible, you may try this great alternative plugin for tagging, i.e. Simple Tagging. It was formerly developed by Michael Woehrer based on Jerome Lavigne’s Keywords Plugin 2.0 Beta 3, only heavily extended.

Just go the latest Simple Tagging plugin developer Amaury Balmer (Administrator WordPress France). Or if you would like to have the Simple Tagging widget, you can go here or directly go to the author homepage. If you prefer the widget, you still have to download and activate the “Simple Tagging” plugin and the “Sidebar Widgets” plugin as well to make this widget work. Save for the sidebar widget, it is supported already since Wordpress 2.2.

Other good features available are Tags of the Current Post, Related Posts, Related Tags apart from the famous Tag Cloud. More Template Tags are also provided for you to explore.

The good news is Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) and Jerome’s Keywords can be imported into this not so simple tagging plugin. Just in case, as always, backup your database first!

Happy tagging!