Monday, June 23, 2008

Integrating disqus into blogger

Today I integrated my blogspot comment system with disqus. What the hehehe is it? To let them explain themselves in a single line: Disqus makes your comments more interactive for readers and easier to manage for you — all while connecting your community with other blogs.

Here are the steps I have done to make it work:
1. Go to
2. Register as usual, create you account there
3. Get started
4. Add your blog to Disqus by filling your blog url, blogname and a subdomain on disqus.
5. You'll be led to Integrate comment system with blog and select your platform whether it is a wordpress, blogger, typepad, movable type, tumblr or simply use the Javascript code snippet for a custom integration when you have your own self hosted blog.
6. In my case now, I chose blogger. You have to log into your blogger account:

  1. From your Blogger account, go to Template > Edit HTML and select "Download Full Template".
  2. Then upload that file into disqus, it's in .xml format when downloaded, using the provided submission form right below the instruction for your new Disqus-integrated template.
7. Now that your blogger template is uploaded and integrated into your disqus, you have your new template and are given the following:
  1. On the same Blogger page, make sure Expand Widget Templates is checked, and paste your newly integrated template in the Edit Template area. Save the template.

  2. Go to Settings > Comments and change the Comments Default for Posts to New Posts Do Not Have Comments if you chose to only allow the future comments are given the disqus system before. When all is fine, there is "Settings Were Saved Successfully" message after hitting the Save Settings button.

Ok, let's see how good the disqus system is integrated with blogger now. If you have any other platform you'd like to integrate, such as a wordpress account, typepad, etc., just follow the instructions after chosing the correct platform to integrate. If you have a self hosted and custom CMS, a provided Javascript code snippet will be just as easy when you know how. If you have a self-hosted drupal CMS, the you might try the module by Rob Loach here.

Well, are you going for web 2.0? Give disqus a try and create as many platforms as you have, and check your dashboard to manage the comments from all your blog systems in a single page! And tell me if you love the new comment system.

Check out the new typical interface comment system yourself below.


gausarts said...

a test to integrate blogger comment system with disqus

battery said...

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allsewnup said...

Testing the disqus integrated blogger system. Thanks for posting this.

andoryu said...

I did exactly the steps from the DISQUS site and from your article but the DISQUS comment system stills did not embed to the post articles. Any help and assistance is much appreciated.

hanum said...

I like disqus, light interface comment. It's good ;)